Viasat 2 Pre-Sales & Upgrades

The highly anticipated service launch of new Viasat internet (formerly Exede) on the highest capacity satellite in orbit, is just weeks away!  In order to help get as many customers upgraded and installed as quickly as possible we are asking that you pre-register on our web site.  This will allow us to have enough inventory on hand for the expected demand.

Lake Country Satellite currently is a beta tester for the new service.  We were one of the first 50 modems activated on the new satellite, and the 1st on the East coast in our beam!  The speeds are incredibly fast over 50 Mbps.  Some speed tests topped out at 84 Mbps.  The download speeds will be 25-100 Mbps depending on your location.  The upload speed is expected to be 3-5 Mbps or higher once everything has been tweaked.  What can you do with those speeds and an unlimited plan….just about whatever you want!

We do not have pricing or packages yet, however, they are going to be similar to what we have today, only more data, and faster speeds.  So please do not call and ask for plans, we will post them just as soon as they are available in a few weeks.  But for now, do sign up and get on our growing waiting list.  We will be installing and upgrading on a first come, first served basis, based on this list.

VS2 Pre-Sales & Upgrades Waiting List

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