High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet is available virtually anywhere.  Yes, even where you live!  Because our service is delivered from one of the largest and most powerful satellites in outer space, you don’t need a land line or even live near a cell tower.  The award-winning Viasat Internet service is delivered right to a small satellite antenna similar to DIRECT or DISH.

Rural America no longer has to wait for someone to build a tower or run a cable by their home.  We bypass all that and take you right to one of our gateways that is connected to some of the fastest fiber optic cables on the planet!

Our high-speed internet service is up to 12 to 100 Mbps on the download, (sometimes even faster), and our upload speeds run on average anywhere from 3 to 5 Mbps.  Now consider the average DSL speed in rural America is about 2.5 Mbps download and .6 Mbps upload, you can see how our service even outperforms DSL in some cases.